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Case Study

Boosting Online Therapy Sign-Ups with Strategic Digital Optimizations


Client: LifeWorks (Morneau Shepell)

Industry: Healthcare
Market: Canada

LifeWorks tasked Axiom Media with overhauling its digital marketing efforts for its internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) services, targeting individuals facing depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. The assignment was to refine their Google Search, Paid Social and Programmatic campaigns to increase new clients and significantly upgrade their analytics and reporting capabilities. Their reporting needs required enhancing Google Analytics and ad tracking data and creating bespoke dashboards for varied internal uses, aiming for a seamless, informative reporting ecosystem.



Our first step was a thorough audit and analysis of LifeWorks' existing campaigns. This groundwork allowed us to identify and focus on high-performing keywords while phasing out those underperforming. We revamped the ad creatives to sharpen the calls to action and deployed more sophisticated audience targeting and bidding strategies to maximize reach and effectiveness. 

On the analytics front, we implemented comprehensive tracking with Google Tag Manager. We also introduced automated reporting and data visualization through Google Looker Studio, enabling detailed insights into campaign performances and overarching website metrics.

The impact of our strategic overhaul was profound and swift:

  • Within the first 30 days post-restructure, the overall conversion rate surged by 38%, paralleled by a 45% increase in sign-ups.

  • Empowered by these early successes, LifeWorks boosted their search ad spending by an impressive 96% in the three months following the restructure, as compared to the period before.

  • By the campaign's conclusion, we achieved a staggering 282% increase in conversion rates, hitting nearly 15%, while Sign-ups soared by 376%, resulting in a 59% plummet in the cost per sign-up in the same timeframe.


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